Exterior home and commercial surfaces suffer the brunt of our New England weather extremes. Regardless of your exterior surface – wood, metal, stucco, brick – TLC Painting in Natick, MA provides superior exterior painting and staining services to improve the overall appearance of your exterior walls and protect them from both the beating sun and freezing snow. TLC Painting also offers deck staining and painting.

As with our interior painting and staining services, exterior preparation (or “prep”) work is vitally important to how well the finished project will turn out. TLC Painting believes that superb prep work will translate to a superb finished project – and ultimately your satisfaction in a job well done. During your Initial Consultation with TLC Painting, we will identify which, if any, exterior prep work should be considered for your exterior staining or painting project. Learn more about our Residential and Commercial staining and painting services.

Exterior prep work can include:

  • Pressure wash - We recommend that every exterior painting or staining project starts with a pressure wash of the surface to be painted or stained. Pressure washing exterior materials will dissolve mold and mildew and clean the surface for better paint and stain adhering.
  • Painting new wood - Seal knot holes. Oil prime bare wood and caulk open seams. Apply two coats of latex finish.
  • Staining new wood - Apply one coat oil stain primer. Apply two coats of latex stain finish.
  • Trim and body prep - Scrape loose paint. Orbital sand to feather out rough edges. Set loose nail. Spot prime bare wood, caulk open seams, and apply two coats of finish.
  • Change to trim and/or body color - Scrape loose paint. Orbital sand to feather out rough edges. Set loose nail. Tint primer to finish color and apply one full coat. Caulk open seams, and apply two coats of finish.
  • Windows - Remove storm windows and wash. Scrape loose glazing and paint from window sash. Spot prime bare wood, glaze necessary areas, and apply finish coats. Wash windows and put back storms.

Exterior surfaces that may require specific prep work:

  • Metal surfaces - Scrape loose paint and orbital sand. Wipe clean with mineral spirits. Spot prime rusted areas and apply two coats of Rustoleum
  • Brick, Concrete or Stucco - Scrape and sand loose paint, apply two coats finish.
  • Aluminum Siding - Wash and apply one coat latex bonding primer. Apply two coats latex finish.

"My comments cannot fit on just one line! I sincerely doubt that I can convey my gratitude toward you guys with mere words. But I guess they'll have to do. I will never use another painting company again! Thank you so very much for the tremendous work and care your men put into making my home look gorgeous! My sincere gratitude."

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